Using our handmade soap

The first thing you will have to come to terms with is that using soap does require a soap dish. My biggest problem with soap dishes is that some soap dishes don’t have a hole in them for water to drain through.

It blows my mind!

Soap bar next to cosy looking candle lit bubble bath

Soap reacts with water. We all know this because soap doesn’t work very well if we’re not already wet. So why isn’t there a hole in any of the soap dishes I found made by Habitat in Sainsbury’s? Not a scooby.

My point is, the more air you're getting to your soap, the quicker it’ll dry out, the more manageable it’ll be, and it’ll last longer, and you won’t have any messy soap all over the side of your sink.


Soap bar covered in bubbles on bamboo soap dish by candle lit bath

We did see that there’s a need for more soap dishes in the world, we personally love these small, sustainably made bamboo soap dishes, which are perfect for Soaped soaps!

You can also find online some awesome little soap bags for hanging your soap near your shower!

Some sinks will have a soap dish area on them to drain water, this is for you to put the soap dish on. Then the water drains through the soap dish into the sink, letting your soap dry quickly, ready for the next pair of hands 🙌

Two bars of natural soap on bamboo soap dishes

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