Sustainable natural soap

What’s Soaped’s mission?

Soaped wants to make the people of the UK smell great and feel sexy when they feel their skin after stepping out of the bath or shower.

What are we missing? 

Plastic-free bathrooms. UK households are still throwing away millions of bathroom plastics every year. After centuries of the soap bar, plastic shouldn’t have such a stronghold in the bathrooms of 2022. 

Soaped wants to take down plastic body wash bottles, so we had to make a soap that works for everyone. To us, that meant creating a natural soap that uses top quality ingredients and does everything liquid soap does, but better.

If Soaped doesn’t make your skin feel better than your usual soap, drop us an email and we’ll give you your money back.  

Soaped cosy bathtime!

What we've brought to life!

Small batch soap bars - We’re bringin’ ‘em back baby! Handmade sustainably in Devon using traditional methods. Without animal products, using natural therapeutic oils and recycled zero-waste packaging. 

For every 100g of Soaped you buy, you save the world 100g in plastic being used. Avoiding plastics also keeps our packaging weight down, lowering the carbon footprint of our deliveries.

How does this leave you feeling? 

In the tub - you’ll feel Soapeds aromas come inside you with every breath. On your body, feel the natural organic compounds bubbling over you. Stone and seed scrubs gently clear your skin while fine charcoal and herbs filled suds exfoliate. 

Organic therapeutic scents relax you like a stroll through Dartmoor in spring and open your airways like a breeze over Devon’s beaches. Soaped’s essential oils are scrumptious on your skin in fruity, floral and herbal scents without being overwhelming. Leaving your body magnetising to touch, with you feeling sexy and confident in your skin all day long.

Made with 100% natural Ingredients. Vegan friendly & sustainably sourced.


Want to learn more?

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